Character Fridays: Forces of Ius

So I’ve gone through a lot of the characters already. In my head when I started this series it seemed like I had a ton, but over the months I’ve covered many of the big players. So instead of trying to write a whole article on ones who appear once or twice and then get forgotten, I’m going to move on to some whole groups.

Ius is seen by most as a sort of religious figure. Naturally, he has an order of priests. These admittedly don’t come up much in The Third Face, except for the highest priest of them all, one known as Grin. He’s a Shallow–the same species as Professor Scrots. He’s one of very few creatures that gets to speak with Ius on a regular basis, as well as the only priest allowed to fight in his army, and takes the position very seriously. He has the ability to call upon Ius’ power in battle and uses it to get jobs done most efficiently.

Below Grin are the three Homunculus Generals. These are artificial creations that Ius has put many years’ effort into perfecting, though the third, Später (German for later), seems to be a mere prototype when the group encounters it in The Third Face. Eibmoz mentioned afterward that this name made sense because the other two are called Früher (earlier) and Jetzt (now), but neither has appeared just yet…

These three seem to be responsible for the actions of their unending supply of subordinates, which are referred to as Blood Troopers or simply Bleeders. Like the Homunculus Generals, these are creations of Ius, but they seem to be “manufactured” en masse. They wear brown cloaks, matching Ius’ motif, but that’s just to hide their disgusting sewn-together bodies. Their name comes from the fact that instead of an actual body structure, they’re essentially sacks filled with organs and blood. This causes them to bleed like crazy when their skin is pierced. Still, there’s the mystery of where all this comes from and how they function.

Together, these make up the basic force that Ius usually sends to harass Redhand and others, when he doesn’t go personally. They’re formidable in part because they’re unlike anything else ever seen in this world.


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