World’s Fastest Self-Contradiction

Okay, maybe not world’s fastest. But you can disregard my last post.

The more determined I became to just cram every spare moment with revision, with editing, with everything I could in order to bring a book from first draft status to published work in less than 4 months, the more I realized this was pretty much like suicide. Imagine for a moment my situation, where I’m taking 3 college classes, working about 25 hours a week. I have a 44,000-word novel with about 90 days to revise it. So if I brought about 500 words straight from their roughest state to a completely polished form each day, that would be just in time to finish the project.

Now 500 words doesn’t sound like a lot. I could probably write 500 words every day, assuming life gives me a decent half hour for it. But revising and editing are so much deeper than that. If I want a truly great story, I have to step back and tell myself realistically what’s okay to keep and what has to be drastically changed. In a series with as many characters and concepts as mine, keeping all the plot threads going where they’re supposed to is tough business. I’m still kicking myself for a couple of things in The Third Face not because of how they affected that book but because I now have to follow up on them.

In short, I’m going to take a real breather this time and just do things naturally. The good news is I’m canceling the extended blog hiatus. Expect a Character Friday tomorrow (even though I can’t tell off the top of my head what character it’ll be) and then regular posts throughout each week… just like old times. I’m going to explore new routes for promoting and selling The Third Face, and, just like I had mentioned a while back, explore the third book’s content a bit more fully. I’m on different stages with all three books in the trilogy now, so I should treat them each with respect. And I will.

Of course, I should also treat myself with respect. That’s why I’m going to take this time to just do little things when I can, and concentrate on my studies. Because the more I learn… the better I can be.


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