Where’d He Go This Time?

This is a really bad habit for me to be in. It’s probably making it tough for readers to take me seriously. But this time, I really do have a great reason for disappearing for a while! I mean it!

College is starting back up again, more classes at once. I continue to work, now a few more hours a week. And if I ever hope to release The Demon’s Guardian this December, I’d better spend every extra moment I have editing and talking over it with others as much as I can.

It’s probably not healthy for someone to try to write, edit and publish a book in an 8-month span, but you know what? I already committed to that, publicly. I am no ordinary man and I can accomplish this. Things will have to be sacrificed for the time being. In other words, I’m back to my hiding spot for the next few weeks. I’ll be back eventually, for bloody real, I promise. Not that I don’t want to be public about my progress, but time is of the essence. And writing blog posts does take time.


2 thoughts on “Where’d He Go This Time?

  1. I gave up on the idea of having consistent blog posts. If I don’t have anything to say, then saying it will just look lame.
    Of course, this does remind me that I DID have something to post… and now it’s late… and I’ll be busy tomorrow…

  2. Heh, I’m at the editing stage myself (finally), working on my official first rough draft. Like you, I’m working on a series and you’re totally right… editing is a deep and complicated business when your story is one piece of a larger epic. Plot devices have consequences in later, unwritten novels that you may not foresee for months, and if you have an end goal in mind for it all, it can be tricky to keep all those threads lined up just right. Of course, the surprises that come up while writing sometimes are better than what I have planned… just have to keep making progress!

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