Character Fridays: Windeater

Out of all the Salamander people that Rasuke lives with in the village of Nikaren, Windeater happens to be the coolest. It was he who first saw Rasuke when he was little and decided to take him in. That decision drew the hatred of the other villagers, who weren’t so quick to trust an outsider, let alone one of a strange species.

Since then Windeater has slowly broken away from Nikaren’s culture. He’s now a sort of spy, dealing in news and information with a vast network all over the world. Apparently this brings him some amount of wealth, since he and Rasuke live in a home with all the benefits of the modern age, imported from more advanced societies many miles away.

The more he interacts with the outside world, the more other cultures interfere with the village. A new school building and a powerful front gate system are only the most visible of the changes he’s brought. And once again, the locals are unsettled by the onset of change…


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