Character Fridays: Scrots

Well, we’ve pretty much gotten through the major players in The Third Face and the beginnings of The Demon’s Guardian. Now it’s time to start addressing some of the slightly less important characters. I’m doing away with the information table at this point because eventually it kind of just becomes too much.

Now that that disclaimer is done with, let’s actually get to this week’s character. Professor Jazden Scrots is a Shallow (lanky, multi-armed people grey people with large heads) who’s been good friends with Eibmoz for many years. In fact, it seems as if Eibmoz is the only person he’s comfortable with at all. For the most part, he sits in the background and does management work at Redhand, or helps run the defense or experimental systems at the base.

In The Demon’s Guardian, though, all that is about to change. When Ius forces Redhand to spread out their forces in a massive war, it’s up to Scrots to lead operations at the base. Will he be up to the challenge?

By the way, in case you were wondering… I’ll reveal why he’s referred to as “Professor” some day. Trust me.


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