Learning More

It’s time to finally reveal the new beginnings that I’m now stepping into. All the dreams I’ve had, growing up? They’re coming back to me. And this time, maybe I can actually do something about it.

Books are my first love. There’s not a time in my memory when I didn’t want to read lots of books, and come up with my own. Because when you enjoy things often enough and you have that spark in your mind, you start to dream that you can do it even better than the ones that inspired you.

Well, it turns out that that creative urge is just a part of who I am. Over the years I thought that way about video games, and later, music. The trouble is that those things take a lot more practice and resources to even begin getting into. There’s all kinds of equipment and knowledge that I just didn’t have, and it seemed like I never would.

So, fast-forward to high school. I had a little bit of money and a decent amount of free time. No motivation, though. Still, I dreamed. I wondered what it would be like to be in a heavy metal band, traveling across the country with my friends and creating new music. There were songs lined up. I bought a guitar and learned the basics. But… it just didn’t stick. I was a high schooler with an early case of senioritis, and sitting down to practice properly didn’t get any better treatment than homework. On the gaming front, I dabbled in Flash a bit, but… the amount of work it took to get out even the most basic concept just strangled me.

My guitar gathered dust over the years. Even RPG Maker hardly saw the light of day. Until a couple of weeks ago, that is. That was when I started talking about how gaming relates to writing for me, and suddenly I had people’s attention.

A new friend told me that he likes to work with the Unity Engine. I was a little hesitant, because it’s known for making high-quality games and that sounded way out of my league. But now, I’m going through the tutorial videos and practicing the basic concepts every day. Meanwhile, little events have converged to make me think seriously about getting back into music. At first I only wanted to buy a microphone and sing some covers, but… once I start thinking about that, the lure of the guitar comes back.

So this is my new daily schedule. I practice guitar for a while, dabble in some Unity work, and then dedicate a solid hour to writing. I also try to work out for a few minutes–I’m pushing myself on a routine anyway, so how hard can one more thing be? This is a new experiment in my life, and I hope to get each aspect of this in at least 5 times a week. With that, progress should be pretty quick now. I can do this.


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