Character Fridays: Charos

Name Charos Nighteye
Date of Birth June 11th
Affiliation Nikaren Village
Strength Determination
Weakness Narrowmindedness
Drive Revenge
Dream Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal

[Excerpt from The Demon’s Guardian]

Charos bit his tongue to stave off the memories of his life, memories that stung harder than the scorpions’ tails embedded in his head.

They marked him as the outcast, the one who had forfeited everything he knew in order to become an assassin. A man dedicated to killing his enemy.


Once, Charos had been a Salamander of the Nikaren tribe. A young man with dreams, with a heart hoping to someday find love. He could have been a Jiishan—a protector of the peace. That was all gone now.

As he walked down the alley between the towering black walls, his yellow eyes saw little beyond the images in his head. Every man and woman in the village who had died. Their corpses torn and crushed. No one knew why or how.

It was Charos who had noticed the pattern. The Human who had grown up here always seemed to be there. And then he’d say he couldn’t remember anything. What a convenient story it was.

That was when Rasuke got smart, too. He managed to turn everything around and point the finger back at him. A child couldn’t pull off such things, the people had said. Surely it was the work of a grown man. Surely Charos…

And so it went. That was the beginning. To be framed by a boy like that, and to be looked down upon even worse than that outsider…

The walls around him parted for a moment, and he found himself on a sort of balcony, looking out to the darkness beyond. Within it, suspended over nothingness and cast in an ethereal light, was an unspeakably vast fortress.

That is where Death’s Emissaries await, he remembered. Those who have the power to shift back and forth between the Underworld and our own, and to inflict suffering and death upon whomever they may choose.

These were the type of people Charos wanted to befriend… or, even better, to become.


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