Character Fridays: Eli

“I promised my friends I wouldn’t pick up any girls today.”

Name Elijah
Date of Birth Ages ago
Affiliation ?
Strength Charm
Weakness Lack of boundaries
Drive Libido
Dream Voice Actor Johnny Yong Bosch

Elijah, or just Eli for short, is a man who lived long before the events of The Third Face, back when the war between Ius and the Elementalists was just beginning. He was Ius’ assistant, but after an encounter with the enemy he was convinced to switch sides. Ius remained more or less unaware, even while the Elementalists were killed one by one.

Eli is a complete womanizer. He has his little formula down for seducing every girl he meets. And it’s no secret to any of them that he does this every day to tons and tons of women. Somehow, he just makes it work.

This seems kind of like a paradox, to think that he acts like this in romance, but seems to have a strong sense of ethics on the battlefield. He continues to be a mystery, but one question is the biggest of all: why is Rasuke seeing visions of Eli’s life?


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