Since I got a pretty good response to my piece on video games and writing last week, and found out there are tons of people just like me out there, perhaps I should share my vision for a game based on my novels. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

For those of you just tuning in, The Third Face is the story of a young human with split personalities, stuck in a village of aliens. But when he comes in contact with the rest of the human race, everything changes. He learns of their plans, their struggles, their history, and the ancient order of people that have elemental powers. An order which, it turns out, is part of his blood.

The Third Face as a game would be a fast-paced mission-based action game, featuring several of the main characters of the series. Characters would fight through key events in the story’s timeline, using a combination of weapons, hand-to-hand strikes and magical abilities. Each character would also have a couple of finishing moves that can only be used a few times per mission.

In order to progress with the story, which would span the entire trilogy, players would have to unlock new missions by finishing certain previous ones. However, by making certain choices in the story, a player could alter the events of the plot–leading to alternate paths and endings. Would you save characters from death? Or would you play the antagonist and make him win? Stories that could never be told in a novel would expand the horizons of a game.

I was also toying with ideas like a party system (having other characters back you up in some missions) and even co-op and competitive multiplayer. Heck, there could be a whole arcade fighting game mode for that. It would include characters unlocked in the story and let you build your own party.

All these extra features are probably going to be up in the air, of course. I just wouldn’t want The Third Face to have the average tie-in type game. It needs to be a robust game that builds upon the content it draws from. As I had said before, I’m dabbling in game development myself, so the idea of it is not impossible. It’s a likely Kickstarter project once the book builds an audience, a few years down the road.


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