Character Fridays: Eibmoz

“Hey, my quote can’t be anything I actually said. That would be boring.”

Name Eibmoz Citarre
Date of Birth Ages ago
Affiliation Redhand
Strength “EVERYTHING!”
Weakness …Arrogance
Drive Insanity?
Dream Voice Actor M. Shadows

Eibmoz Citarre is the resident crazy among the cast. He’s also dead. And old. But somehow, none of those trademark traits seem to get in the way of his ability to run Redhand, his organization dedicated to saving Demons from destruction and defeating Ius.

You’d think a guy that spends his time going around harassing everyone with over-the-top jokes and insane behavior at their expense… would be a pretty open book. But the truth is, there’s a lot of mystery behind Eibmoz. Like, how did he come back from the dead in the first place? And what’s his connection to the Elementalists?

All I can say now is that he idolizes Death and therefore carries a scythe around with him wherever he goes. He knows how to fight with it, too, as you’re going to see in The Demon’s Guardian. However, he’s a little tired of the old black cloak thing, so he wears a snazzy suit all the time instead. Eibmoz pretty much thinks that he’s the best character in the whole series, and… given the hilarity he tends to cause, I’m inclined to agree.


2 thoughts on “Character Fridays: Eibmoz

  1. HELL YES. M. Shadows is the coolest guy ever. Avenged Sevenfold got me through shitty times in high school (and inspired me to write novels in the first place!) and I would just die to meet those guys someday…but I digress. I’m looking forward to learning more about Eibmoz!

    • Also, this character design is brought to you in part by: Afterlife. And the mind of my friend who I had brought up in that post a while back. Heck, metal music is just inseparable from my writing sometimes.

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