Character Fridays: Ius

“I have been your most faithful servant. But you abandoned me. And you never even told me why.”

Name Ius
Date of Birth Beginning of time
Affiliation Ephix
Strength Power/Brains
Weakness Blind destructiveness
Drive Pleasing Ephix
Dream Voice Actor Kirk Thornton

For some time, the Character Fridays series was built on the group of main characters. Then came the big blog hiatus, and now it’s time to return. So now, fittingly, we’re going in a new direction with Character Fridays. It’s time to introduce someone different, someone… older. Someone antagonistic.

Ius might just be the most powerful character in the entire series. He’s first below Ephix, the god of this universe, as his voice in the world. He has been for many thousands–millions–of years. Probably since the beginning of time itself. There’s only one problem: for many ages, Ephix has refused to speak to him.

The worst part, of course, is that Ius doesn’t know why this is happening. He assumes that something he’s done displeased his master and god in some way, so for centuries he’s done his best to atone by purging this world of all the things that are not pure. Especially Demons.

Thus, he’s hunting down people like Rasuke and Leo… and anyone who might be close to them. With power nearing that of a god, how can he not win?


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