Actual Progress

I haven’t really been saying much about actual writing things lately–just my life in general. It takes a little time to get back on track and into that whole mindset. For now, why don’t I tell you a little bit about how The Demon’s Guardian is going? Besides in the mathematical sense.

Because of a certain event at the end of The Third Face, several of my characters are completely separated from each other for most of this book. Since the plot threads aren’t currently having major effects on each other (they certainly will by the end), I had trouble switching back and forth between them in the way I had outlined. It is, after all, still more interesting to the reader to see different character perspectives weaved together when they’re present, but when I’m in one “zone” it’s hard to step into another as a writer.

So, what I eventually did was to separate them completely. Scrivener made this dead simple to do, as I simply had to drag my chapters into different folders. I’m no longer writing anything about my supporting characters until Rasuke, the hero, gets to a certain point. After I’ve written that certain big moment, I’ll have to set him aside and write the two subplots, which combined are still not quite as big as the main storyline.

Once I’ve got all three, I can finally get to the last phase, where everyone meets up again and much mayhem is had. At that point… well, let’s just say there’s going to be a lot of saving the day to do all at once. I can only hope my hero is ready to handle it all!

I’m already interviewing a few potential beta readers, and a couple are technically already started on the content I have so far. My hope is that my readers can finish it up during my obligatory “don’t even think about the book for a while” phase, and that I’ll then be ready to make some more edits and bring it close to its final form. While also getting started on formatting and cover art. Yes, it’s going to be a busy time, but… if I want to publish by the end of the year I can’t just sit around, right?


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