But Really This Time!

Yeah not sure how that happenedThe picture pretty much says it all. Why is it that after making a big deal that, yes, I’m truly back in the world of authorhood… I immediately left it once again?

Leaving again wasn’t completely unannounced, mind you. I brought it up on Facebook! This blog, though, along with Obscure Authors Alliance, didn’t know anything about it. Meaning that “The Return” was my one and only blog post anywhere in about a month’s time.

Again, why? Did I write a lot? The Demon’s Guardian did gain about 7,000 words, which sounds like a lot, but in a month’s time that’s far from my best. During NaNoWriMo that would be about 4 or 5 days’ work. If I were to keep this up, I’d be done with my first draft in about… the middle of October. I’d have about a month, tops, to revise it in order to publish within my goal. Yeah, no, that is definitely not fast enough.

Maybe I was busy with college? I’m still taking classes, yes, but to be honest, even the one  that had me grinding my teeth before is becoming fairly manageable. We’re getting more time between chapters, and I think I finally got the system for how my assignments are supposed to look. And my other new class? Well… let’s just say the notebook I use for it isn’t for taking notes.

Is it work? No. Operation Rainfall? …Maybe a little guilty there. But all it really comes down to is this: I felt good taking a break to just have some fun in my life. That’s been missing for a long time. So, without really thinking about it, I just let that go on. I’ve spent some time with my family and friends that just wasn’t in the schedule before. I’m even working out! Yes, really. And I dare say it’s actually paying off.

So, I think people analyzing my life right now would say that I’m getting in better health. And I don’t mean just the physical bit that I mentioned just now. There are mental, emotional, and social aspects to health, too, right? It looks like I’m just generally doing better in all those areas. And as we all know, intuitively, a healthy writer is a better writer.

Which means, it’s time to get back on my feet. For real, this time. Because it’s not enough to just have that health and hang onto it. One must use it… to do new and greater things.


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