The Return

So, a while back, I said I’d be gone for a week. Then it turned into two weeks, plus another day or two. Wow. Where did I go?

As I had said, a major part of it was the E3 event at Operation Rainfall, not to mention loads and loads of homework. As it turns out, E3 put me even further behind on homework. Then Father’s Day came out of nowhere and I spent another day with my dad. That was followed immediately by a local heavy metal concert, having friends over, a trip to Michigan’s Adventure

For the last couple of years I’ve been so focused on all of my dreams, authorhood especially, that I couldn’t really think about much else. When driving in the car, walking between areas at work, or during breaks in class, I would always try to use that time to plan ahead or accomplish something small in other areas of my life. Yes, I’ve stopped to relax, but only because I know that resting boosts people’s performance. I never went to bed when I was tired–I went to bed when I needed the right amount of sleep to get up the next morning.

Needless to say, in the last two weeks, everything changed. I can safely say that I had real, honest fun. Let me tell you, that doesn’t come easily for me at all. But the evidence is here, right on this blog: instead of rushing back here to talk about the things that happened to me during each and every experience, and try to relate them to the author life… I just kept going. I lived those things, and if I really learned anything… well, then, I won’t just forget about it in a few days’ time, right?

It’s a totally different experience. Yes, it cost me a fair amount of money overall, and it’s not getting me closer to my goals, but… for a short time, at least, I was able to let go of all that. It doesn’t make sense to go on the journey of life and not have any fun along the way. After all, if I wait until I’ve accomplished all my goals, I probably won’t be so young anymore. This is my chance to enjoy life, and I don’t always have to sacrifice my dreams: after all that, I’m more fired up than ever to write my way through The Demon’s Guardian, taking it in an all-new direction.

How often do you stop to enjoy life?


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