Character Fridays: Boselle and Carrissa

Two girls that appear identical, and yet they could hardly be more different…

To make up for not having a Character Friday last week, this time I present TWO characters!

Name Boselle Tigarn Carrissa Citarre
Date of Birth December 19th, 2011 CREATED


Strength Confidence Insight
Weakness Neediness Fear
Drive Outdoing others Pleasing others
Dream Voice Actor

Kate Higgins

Boselle was just one more of the human beings that claim the title of Elementalist, but refused to join Redhand for a long time. Nobody knows what compelled her to finally change her mind and join their ranks, but when she did, she discovered something horrifying. Eibmoz had already attempted to create a replacement Elementalist of Air by cloning her! The result, however, was someone completely different, a girl with no powers named Carrissa.

Boselle is a happy-g0-lucky kind of girl. She tends to dance around for no reason at all and generally seeks out fun. She is optimistic, makes new friends easily and tries to be the best she can be. In fact, it’s important to her to be stronger, smarter and more skilled than other people around her–not to mention having the coolest possessions!

Carrissa would seem to be her opposite. She is the quiet to Boselle’s loudness, the darkness to her light, the depression to her happiness. Carrissa keeps to herself for the most part, because she is, to be brief. afraid of absolutely everything. She, too, wants to be liked by others, but she pursues it by doing whatever they ask her to, no matter how unreasonable.

The only thing these two have in common–besides their general appearance–is a mutual interest in Rasuke. In The Third Face they both have their eyes on him, and in The Demon’s Guardian it will become an all-out fight.

How was Boselle created?

The original Rasuke appeared in two different “story worlds” envisioned by others. In one, the first girl to really be interested in him was a girl who lived in the deep jungle and loved flowers. I think her name was Blossom back then. The point is, I was so embarrassed by her design that I had to revamp her considerably (not to mention that jungles would be nearly impossible on the world of The Third Face). Still, she remains as a perky love interest in the story.

How was Carrissa created?

In the other world, Rasuke’s first love interest was named Carrissa, and she was actually one of the first designed members of the Salamander race–which was only a prototype at the time and has had its own growth since then. She already had a great amount of fear in her at the time, but her role was also influenced by one of two lovers that were options for another character, Zephyr. Zephyr had to choose quickly, because the women in his life were willing to go to drastic measures if he didn’t choose them. Might these two be the same?


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