New Concept (Untitled)

“It takes an attentive eye to see the obvious.”

That thought popped into my head this morning, and from it I imagined that someone had been given a photo and was looking for a particular face among a group of children. This person would scan the crowd, unable to find the kid, until he got so annoyed that he just had to have a talk with the pesky giant that’s blocking his view–only to realize the photo was of the giant the whole time!

And so came about the next mental connection, which is that of course fantasy creatures have children. And those children aren’t so different from the ones we humans have. So what if someone had the unfortunate task of running a daycare for little dwarves, goblins, beastmen and mermaids? Or a zoo for monsters? Or…

Suddenly I realized I had at least one children’s book on my hands. Ooh. There’s definitely a good and bad to that. On the one hand, the children’s genre is a pretty big deal that leads a lot of people to sudden success. But at the same time, I’ve never had a young children’s idea before and there are still dozens of teen and young adult concepts flowing through my brain. Do I skip this? Do I come up with a pen name to avoid tripping up readers? Or do I just go on with this story as usual?

Well, I have a few years before I’m going to start writing anything outside my current overarching series anyway. Maybe this whole thing will fade by then. For now, I’m sitting on this little idea where an ordinary kid learns that his dad is really a wizard, and that by letting out this information he has no choice but to move his family into the secret world. The child, of course, will now have to grow up in an environment with all these strange and magical kids. Am I onto something? Will I ever be able to use this? Only time will tell!


2 thoughts on “New Concept (Untitled)

  1. Do it! Kid’s books are SO FUN to write. (I ghostwrite children’s picture books.)

    Something that’s helped me in the past is to work on multiple and very different projects because hey—we’re not always in the right state of mind to slave over just one book. You might want to try having 2-3 projects that you can work on in rotation!

    • You know, I’m really considering it now that you bring up the idea. I’d sort of done that as a kid just a tad, but back then I had zero discipline and I couldn’t write any of them anyway. The block now is that I juggle my fiction life with a day job, college, and my little video games journalism gig. If that’s one mess what will happen if I try to have more than one writing project?

      I say that, of course, but lately I’ve hardly written a word because, hmm, I’m stuck on this point in my WIP! That does sound like a go-write-something-else kind of problem…

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