Slubes Fanart 1

My rendition of one of the opening scenes in Slubes.

Today is a momentous day, upon which I have unofficially become the unofficial president of an unofficial fanclub for…

Nah, just kidding. I’m not that self-centered. Today is Duth Olec’s day to shine, for on this day he’s truly joined the ranks of full-fledged authors. Sure, we can be kind of a ragtag bunch, but it takes hard work to reach this point. So, today, I congratulate my good buddy on his accomplishment.

Of course, he could not really be an author if it were not for his book! And that is what I’m actually posting to talk about today. Duth Olec’s accomplishment is one very entertaining story about how three slug-like creatures must save the world from the return of an ancient demon–and an alien invasion! It is this fine species after which the book is named: Slubes.

That’s only the beginning of the fun and crazy world Duth has created, and I could go for paragraphs about the other creatures that live in it. Every page has something unexpected on it, whether it’s a new addition to the world or just another fresh gag. Duth Olec is a true master of comedy within the adventure, which is what lead me to make a comment that eventually ended up on the back of the book:  “So funny you’ll choke on eggs. It happened to me once.” (True story by the way.)

Overall, though, it comes down to the adventures of the three slubes I mentioned earlier. Numer, the laziest, most cowardly slube in his village, is only there because of his huge crush on the second member of the group, the spunky black belt Cherry. They’re joined by a very absentminded inventor named Zeth, who drives them around in his most spectacular contraption: the Transpide.

I guess what makes Slubes so compelling to me personally–besides the vast and detailed world combined with Duth’s witty gags–is that I, too, know how it feels to have to do something big and be held back only by fear and laziness. Looking for the kind of hope that pushes you to do anything, no matter how scary: that’s something we can all understand. Numer is everyone.

That’s why I love Slubes enough to present you with two pieces of fan art by me (despite my rather mediocre artistic skill), and that’s why I want to be known as its #1 fan. Not because I was there while Duth developed it, or because I helped edit it, or even because he’s my friend. This book has a life of its own, and it deserves to be recognized. So what are you waiting for? Go grab it on Amazon.

Slubes Fanart 2


2 thoughts on “Slubes!

  1. Oh gosh, I was smiling throughout reading this whole thing. Thank you, Phil. I probably wouldn’t even be where I am without you. And yes, Numer is everyone; he’s definitely the character I set people up to identify with, probably because he’s the main protagonist, after all.
    You made their eyes really small in those drawings, though. That’s us–two self-published authors with one book each who like drawing but know they have no skill.
    Again, thank you–you probably described the book better than I can!

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