Character Fridays: Leo

“You can threaten my life all you want, buddy, but you do not wake me when I’m sleeping!”

Name Leo Citarre
Date of Birth January 9th, 2011
Affiliation Redhand
Strength Humor
Weakness Laziness
Drive Friendship
Dream Voice Actor Travis Willingham

Known as the Blue-eyed Demon, Leo likes to think of himself as a bit of a charmer. In fact, he can’t seem to see why Lina hasn’t fallen madly in love with him yet. He certainly has enough of an interest in her, and constantly jokes around about their future. He even refers to his other friends as their children.

Despite this tendency to pick on the others, he values them highly. He’s quick to make new friends and the first to back them up when they need it. Leo also has a strong desire to protect  people around him. That’s why, many years ago, he used to rescue children who had met an early death and helped them escape the depths of Hell. It was there that he first forged his friendship with Rasuke.

Now he’s working for his kooky grandfather, Eibmoz, trying to save all of the Demons from Ius. Using his power as the Elementalist of Water, he is quick to challenge the types of religious zealots that would purge his kind from the land. He considers it the perfect job–or at least, it would be if only Lina would join the cause.

How was Leo created?

Leo is kind of a mishmash of old character concepts that I couldn’t fit in to the Ephix universe. He embodies an entire archetype that once covered four or five characters. My friend John created many Demon characters, many of which were fearsome and had blood-red skin–but often carried a well-hidden soft side. They usually had a way with women, too, so his personality came together pretty quickly. As for his name, well, I remembered John liking the name Leo, and found it kind of odd that we hadn’t spent it on a character yet.



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