New Concept: Grasping at Darkness

Every once in a while an idea for a brand-new plotline pops into my head. When it does I usually let it sit for a little while, just to make sure it can last that long. Plus, if it does, it usually comes out with a little more form.

Once that happens I share what I’ve figured out with the world. I did this a couple of times on my old blog, but for the most part I’ve been too focused on my current work to look that far ahead. The other day, though, while I was procrastinating as usual, a brand new spark came up. When I figured out what it was, I gave it a working title: Grasping at Darkness.

Tom is a teenaged guy who has more or less the usual priorities: get a girlfriend now, worry about the rest later. The problem is, he’s stuck on the first stage here. Even on the rare occasion that he can force the words out of his mouth to talk to a girl, he gets rejected instantly.

So he starts trying to understand what they want, through the only means he knows. He reads their books and watches their movies, trying to see what kind of guy girls are attracted to, what they fantasize about.

After reading dozens of vampire novels and watching every anime he has time for, Tom concludes that what teenage girls long for is the shadow in the night, the one who is more danger than he will ever let on. They latch onto that man of a thousand mysteries, the silent one who walks alone in the darkness.

So, if that is what they want the most, then that is what Tom must become.


Whether real girls want that or not doesn’t matter. The point is that this is a whole part of our culture that boomed like mad for the last several years and only recently died down. Like Hopedead, an idea I had last year, Grasping for Darkness explores what a certain type of plot does to a different type of person, one that doesn’t normally belong there.

Am I going to write this story? Probably, someday. I can tell you that I have around 10 books to publish before I’ll get to ideas like this one, but this is definitely one that’s grabbed me, and I don’t think I’ll abandon it. So, you can expect to hear about it again, a few years down the line.


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