Character Fridays: Lina

“Quit staring. I may hate your guts, but we are old friends, after all. At least, if I get what being friends means.”

Name Lina Hedgington
Date of Birth November 3rd, 2010
Affiliation Human Vanguard
Strength Leadership
Weakness Coldheartedness
Drive Honor
Dream Voice Actor Tara Platt

According to rumor, the “queen,” as she is often called, is the daughter of humankind’s last leader. To live up to this legacy, Lina searches out the remnants of human culture and takes every chance she can get to become a leader herself. It’s due to this that she finds herself leading the expedition that finds Rasuke–and brings him into the organization that rivals her own.

She is always the first to explore and wonder at the mysterious ruins that mankind left when it all but disappeared. Every book, every piece of history–everything human goes through Lina at some point or other. It is not long before she begins to dig up the origins of Redhand and the order of Elementalists that it’s based upon. Once again, she finds herself inheriting the title of leader: the Catalyst.

So she finds herself in the midst of the struggle. Will she stay with the organization that promises to bring back humanity’s rule, or move to the dark order of her forefathers?

How was Lina created?

The name Lina, as a member of the Hedgington family, came from a very, very different character back when it was a seemingly endless bloodline. It was a girl that wore bright colors, tried to please the boy in her life, and dreamed of being a rock star. I can’t exactly remember how the current version came about, but perhaps I was trying to make the new Lina the exact opposite of the old.


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