Character Fridays: Rasuke

“As long as I’m here, it’s not good for you, and it’s not good for me!”

Name Rasuke Windeater
Date of Birth April 5th, 2012*
Affiliation Redhand
Strength Adaptability
Weakness Mistrust
Drive Self-knowledge
Dream Voice Actor Liam O’Brien

Rasuke is the main character of The Third FaceHe begins his adventure much like many young heroes: in a place where he clearly does not belong. In fact, no human being belongs where he is, because it’s an alien village. Except that, to them, he is the alien, and he struggles to become part of their tribal culture. All he wants, though, is to know his own culture.

Everything changes when he finds out the real reason for the deaths around him: another, hidden self. It is a demon named Garzon, and the entire village fears it. They fear him. This just confirms the thing he’s thought for so long: that he can trust nobody and nothing–not even himself. (And, of course, there is yet another waiting to appear…)

More importantly, he learns that he is being hunted. A demigod named Ius is out to eradicate all demons, including the one Rasuke lives with. Since it’s inseparable from him, he has no choice but to seek refuge with an organization called Redhand. There, he finds that not all demons are as bad as their name suggests, and joins an initiative to save them.

This is where he meets the people that will grow closest to him in this conflict. Perhaps, one day, he will even be able to call them friends.

How was Rasuke created?

Rasuke started off as a little idea stemming from a song called Falling Down by Atreyu. The lyrics essentially talk about a form of insanity that includes, of course, hearing voices. That’s all it took for me to get thinking of a new character that has split personalities, and it wasn’t long before I was sketching out the basic ideas for each one of the three.

Originally he was capable of changing his appearance drastically whenever his personalities switched. Rather than try to explain how that worked, I simply scrapped the ability. Also, it took Rasuke the longest to develop into his own character. I figured that since he had the other two to suddenly appear and switch things up, he was interesting enough. Is that really okay? No. That’s a gimmick. It was all just one big gimmick.

That’s when I realized that I had to make Rasuke the one that’s interesting all by himself, and set the other two in conflict with his goals. That was probably the biggest thing that set the second edition of The Third Face from the first: Rasuke became a real character. No, he became the character. And that’s what this book is really about: the mystery of Rasuke, where he came from and where he will go.

*The Third Face takes place in the year 2028.



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