Continuing on the theme of schedules and time management, I want to talk about one other way I’m getting the things done that I need to. It’s very simple, really: spend less time on the things I don’t need to do.

That can be pretty tough. I’ve had to tell friends that I can’t hang out because I’m busy with other things. I even turned around and canceled a beta read I was starting! Me, not finish a beta read? That’s crazy. I don’t exactly have full-on commitment to every single thing I start, but beta reading is one thing that I’ve always finished.

And as for my goal to read a book every single week this year? Hah. I am way, way behind on that one. Until now, I kind of stretched some other reads into different weeks to make it look like I was succeeding, but the truth is it’s been more like a month since I’ve finished a book. It’s really tough to slow down on something that’s got a big public page for it, but I think I have to just accept that.

So what am I trying to make room for? Well, as I’ve said several times, I now have college classes to worry about. Not only that, but in case you didn’t notice, I’ve been quite a bit slower about updating this blog. That’s no coincidence. I really didn’t have time. And if I don’t have time to do regular posts, how will I bring you Character Fridays every week?

You will also notice that unlike The Third Face, I haven’t constructed a progress sidebar for The Demon’s Guardian at all. Unfortunately, that’s going a lot more slowly than it needs to. I believe the last time I finished a chapter was a week ago, and considering I intend to have this published this year… well, I’d better pick up the pace. After all, if I want that to be even remotely possible, I’ll probably need to have the first draft done by the end of June.

See? I’ve gotta hurry. There’s no way around it. If I want to have any success, I’ve got to juggle work, school, writing and marketing, and be as effective at it as possible. No more messing around. Time to really get moving.


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