New Thing: Character Fridays

It’s true. I’ve been rather sparse about content on this blog, and, considering that I want my book, The Third Face, to be a success, I’ve been even sparser on information about that.

Well, over the next few months, that’s going to change. Character Fridays are pretty much exactly what they sound like. Every Friday, I’ll feature one of the major characters. We’ll start with the main character, Rasuke, and work our way through the cast of The Third Face. After that, I’ll probably be ready to include some characters that appear in The Demon’s Guardian as well.

What will happen the week that I inevitably run out of characters that are worth talking about? Well, I suppose we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Each feature will start off with basic information on the character, like his or her appearance and personality. We’ll talk about what drives them and where they want to go, and then I’ll talk a little bit about the development I went through to come up with each character.

Depending on how the length of each post comes out after that, I may also include a short exercise where I pretend that I’m meeting the character or something. It may be an interview, or it may come out as a narrative. After all, the place I’m most likely to run into someone may reveal something about them as well…

In case you couldn’t tell, this feature is a pretty new idea and I haven’t entirely figured out what content to include in each post. If you have suggestions on this, please let me know in the comments–at this stage I’m open to anything!


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