A Day in the Life

Here’s what the average day in my life looks like. Most are a bit different from this, but this is the closest thing I have to a set schedule. Maybe this will give you some idea about the way I do things.

7:45 – Alarm clock goes off, hit snooze
7:50 – Hit snooze again
7:55 – Hit snooze again
8:00 – Turn off alarm, reasoning that I’ll get up in a minute
8:15 – Actually get up
9:00 – Finish getting around and start writing for the day. Sometimes I get 1000 words in during this time. Sometimes I only get 10. I do find it helps to have this time limit, though, because I can’t put off getting the next sentence on there. I usually try to get at least 500 words in, though.
9:50 – Suddenly realize I’m not actually ready for work
9:52 – Rush out the door
10:00 – Get to my day job just in time
4:00 – Get done with work, go home, and relax. I usually eat, maybe take a short nap. Before long I’m online catching up with my friends on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. If I have a post to write this is usually the time I get started on it.
5:30 – Get back to whatever I want to get done that day, which is usually reading a book or researching writing-related things. Sometimes if I’m not happy with how much I wrote that morning I make up for it now.
7:30 – At some point around this my best friend John gets here. He doesn’t have anywhere else to stay, so I make some dinner and hang out with him for the rest of the night. Usually that consists of playing lots of video games. Obviously this hasn’t always been the case, and for much of my career I’ve kept working right on through this time.
10:30 – John goes to bed. I talk with my online people again and get some more reading in.
Midnight – Time to go to sleep for the night.

So, you see, there’s not anything special going on here. I work really hard during those short times of day, at least when I can. But it’s no secret that I also stop and have a little fun every once in a while. It keeps me from exploding from stress. Besides, college classes will start for me soon, and this will get a lot more interesting…

What are your strategies for doing what you need to do?


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