Blogging Around

If you want to read everything I have to say, you might have to rush around the internet just a little bit.

For example, it might be a little late to bring this up over a week later, but I did a guest post over at A. Wrighton’s blog. Frankly I find that rather awesome because, well… if you need to see me gush about A. Wrighton I’ve already done it all over this site lately. After Wrighton does her share of gushing about me (what?! I’m gush-worthy?!) I talk about the good and the bad sides of subplots.

Meanwhile, on Obscure Authors Alliance, I’m getting back in the blogging fray along with my buddies. Hopefully by combining our efforts we’ll get to posting more often. My first effort will be in a new series based on the four classical elements: fire, water, earth and air. As many of you know, those elements play a key role in The Third Face, and they’ll continue to do so for many more of my books for quite some time. Look out for those in the next four Tuesdays.

Once again I want to invite my friends out there in the writer-blogger world to participate here, too. I’d love to do some interviews and guest posts here, too, or even get new members to join the Obscure Authors Alliance. As a reminder, that site is a sort of community blog that allows different writers to share their views on a variety of subjects. It’s not all that big yet, but we welcome everyone to sign up or to join in the discussions.

Of course, Ephix Books is still the main place to get news and writing tips from me, Phil N. Schipper. In the coming months I’m going to talk a lot more about the struggles of juggling the marketing of Book One with the writing of Book Two. Look out for that soon.



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