So as you undoubtedly have gathered, my first novel, The Third Face, came out a week ago. Awesome? Awesome. I freaked out, had an online party, then had an offline party at a coffee shop.

The place was packed and I sold every book I had, both there and in a local grocery store. (Still waiting anxiously for more copies to arrive!) The library also has a copy of the book, and I’ve even heard that a local restaurant is interested in selling some for me. Yeah, wow.

Meanwhile, during my search for places to do interviews and such online, I had a certain A. Wrighton ask me if I’d be interested in writing a whole guest post on her blog! She then proceeded to give me a Liebster Award on top of that, which I’m not entirely ready to respond to yet.

Now, until recently I had been a sort of lurker admiring her blog posts. Back when I was recommending some blogs, I mentioned A. Wrighton as the one that wasn’t a friend of mine. I just really liked everything she had to say. And now, poof! I’ve been noticed back. This is pretty much the blogging equivalent of going to a book signing for an author you admire and then hearing that, by the way, one of their most recent inspirations is your book.

Stepping into the limelight is both scary and awesome. It’s an experience that happens in little events every day, and I’m going to accept and meet it every time.


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