The Future Is Now

I always knew that being an author would someday throw me into the spotlight. But, in the words of Attack Attack! (a favorite band of mine), someday came suddenly.

In a small town like this one, “the guy that published a novel” is a rare and esteemed title. I might be the only one here who has it–all things considered, if someone else did I’d be hard-pressed not to hear of them. Although, I can’t exactly claim that “everybody knows everybody,” because it seems there are people I don’t know coming to my book launch.

Scary. I have a pretty big fear of public speaking, and it’s going to be a packed coffeehouse when I step up to read and answer questions. Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited about this that just thinking about that day leaves me a bit out of breath. But I also know that part of that feeling is sheer terror. Am I ready for this?

It’s kind of a status barrier, really. Today I’m just a regular guy who writes in his free time. Tomorrow, I’ll be an author, and a well-known one too–at least, locally. In the online sphere, it’s harder to tell, but I have a feeling that some of my connections will help me climb into things pretty fast.

In other words, I have to learn to be a small-time celebrity. My family took me shopping for brand-new clothes because I needed “young author outfits,” whatever that meant. They turned out to be completely different from what I’m used to wearing–in a good way, really–and I realized that the new look represents a new identity.

I’ve always joked that by day, I’m just an ordinary grocery store worker, but by night, I… am… WRITER! Now that I’m stepping into the public eye, it turns out that I have to lead not just a double life, but a triple one.

Put another way, it’s time to show my own third face.


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