Our work is never done.

Sure, we can finish a book. We can finish a draft, and another, and another. We can even polish it to perfection–or at least, enough perfection that we should just stop and let it out into the world. I’m not denying that we can be finished with things.

But as long as we’re alive, are we ever really finished for good? There’s always more we can do. There’s always another book to write, or more marketing to be done on the ones that are out. (Heck, we don’t even have to be alive–think of Tolkien’s amazing career, which is still going on long after his death!)

In the same vein, we all continue learning new things over time. That’s a frustrating truth for someone like an author, to realize that some day my skills will be good enough that the book I just wrote won’t compare. Not to say that that growth isn’t a wonderful thing, of course–but it makes me feel small in the present.

I think that’s why I like blogs so much. They’re designed to be fed with new and growing information every day, and even the “permanent” parts of it can be changed. You may notice, in fact, that I’ve been working on this blog every day even when I don’t post. Some new pages on it talk about the books I’ve read and the ones I’ll be writing in the future.

There’s also one for my book giveaway, which wasn’t really properly mentioned before. There are only a couple of days left to enter, and the prizes are pretty awesome! Make sure you take your chance, because you don’t have to do a thing to enter the raffle. How can you pass up free stuff?

Anyway, I’m kind of all over the place here. Back to the blog. Is there anything that you’d like to see on it? Anything about it that bothers you? One other great feature of WordPress is that I can of course change the design at any time, and I’ve been considering doing just that.


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