And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the very special post. My new YouTube channel featuring all my author antics. Yeah, it’s nice to type, but I like to be a real person sometimes, ya know? (That thing I had lost yesterday? A webcam.)

In case you’re not in a position to watch a video right now, here’s the rundown of what I talked about:

-“The Next Big Thing” Blog Hop, a tag-your-friends interview, will be here on video tomorrow.

-“Ask Eibmoz,” an interview with the crazy wacky undead guy from The Third Face, coming March 28th. Send me your questions!

-The raffle for some awesome Third Face stuff, including signed copies of the book, bookmarks, and even a poster! No strings attached, just enter to win. You have relatively good odds of winning it… so far.

-Some other possible videos I’ll do in the future, like an unboxing for all that stuff or a sword fight with a friend. With video, the sky’s the limit!


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