There was supposed to be a really awesome special post here. Actually, it was supposed to be done yesterday.

But, alas, due to a cleaning mishap a while back, I have completely lost the piece of equipment necessary for that special post (sorry for being vague, but I still want the post to be a surprise). Yesterday I turned my house inside out looking for it, and today I saw if I could buy a replacement locally. Nope. I’m going to have to go the whole nine yards to get back something I never used the first time.

This led to a lot of raging, naturally. It means I’ll have to make that special post tomorrow and then another one on Thursday, right afterwards, if I want anything to be on schedule. This seems to be part of a pattern of every possible thing going wrong lately, and for a writer, someone who relies on emotional and mental strength to get the job done, that’s pretty much debilitating.

So what can we do? Do we tell ourselves to suck it up and get going back on what we were doing? In my experience, that just leads to sluggish work, and it actually draws out the depressing feelings for longer. First you have to feel those feelings, try out your options to combat the place where they came from, and then come back, leaving them behind you.

I was angriest, I suppose, earlier today, when I found out that my stuff was most definitely gone, and that nobody was going to help me find it. I kind of drove off fuming, and when I went into the store to find what I needed, I was still pretty annoyed. Then I went down the aisles alone, and of course the store had pretty much everything you can think of except what I needed. I double-checked and triple-checked several sections, and I think that was what did it. Even though I knew I wasn’t going to find it, the action of looking through all these things helped me calm down for the first time. I was okay by the time I went home, and after a quick nap I was back and ready to go.

(Let me follow that up by saying–I normally kind of hate shopping, so that’s really weird.)

What are your strategies for coming back when you’re tired, stressed, frustrated, or angry?


One thought on “Frustration

  1. So very vague! ;)

    I end up watching funny videos to relieve my tension. (Think FilmCow on Youtube or South Park.) Watch “Professor Toothy.” You won’t be grumpy for long!

    (Also, you can always get some writing done when you’re angry. I find that my best writing comes during times of high emotion!)

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