Other Blogs I Recommend

If you like my blog, here are some others you might want to check out. I will make a disclaimer here that, yes, most of these are going to be my friends or groups that I’ve associated with, but I wouldn’t put them here if I didn’t think they were genuinely worth looking at.

Obscure Authors Alliance

Okay, it’s no secret: this is blatant self-promotion here, but if you didn’t know about this, the Obscure Authors Alliance is a group blog run by… well, me. We’re just getting up on our feet, but I’ve made several posts that didn’t appear here, and my good buddy Duth Olec already posted an entry about planning stories. There are other authors on there who are getting ready to make an appearance, too. Plus, any author who feels they have something to say can join the team. It’s a place for community and discussion on writing issues.

YearNoWriMad (Year of Novel-Writing Madness)

Inspired quite clearly by NaNoWriMo, this is another site that features multiple authors and focuses on community. But whereas Obscure Authors Alliance is a platform for different authors to speak out, YearNoWriMad is set to be a tight group site where writers support each other. While the final site is in the works, I hear there will be lots of cool features like multiple-project word count/goal trackers and word war widgets (say that three times fast). Don’t ask me how it works–I just know it’s going to be awesome.

Kat Mellon’s Blog

Kat doesn’t necessarily post terribly often to her own blog–which is understandable, because she’s also part of the Obscure Authors Alliance and runs YearNoWriMad. (Told you this was going to be a biased post.) However, the things she does have are great, and you can click on the “Writing Advice” link on the left of the page to see all her most helpful posts organized by subject. The posts in her backlist cover a lot of subjects, and they’re actually, ya know, helpful. Probably more so than I manage to be half the time.

A. Wrighton

This is probably the only blog on this list that I don’t personally have something to do with already, so if you haven’t been paying attention, do so now. Wrighton makes long, specialized blog posts on specific subjects. For example, she recently made an amazing post on worldbuilding, which is an important subject when you’re in the sci-fi and fantasy business. Her work is pretty focused on developing the concepts behind your stories, and it helps a lot.

Honorary mention goes to Duth Olec. He’s a great friend, a funny guy, and a great author, and the only reason I’m not linking to him in this post is because he told me he’s probably going to launch a brand new blog soon. We’ll see how that goes.

Even though I have this list of favorite blogs, they’re far from the only ones I follow, and I always love finding more! Which ones do you like? Or, do you think I’ll be interested in yours? Let me know in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Other Blogs I Recommend

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  2. You’re too nice, man. Thanks a million for the mentions. (Also: I’m going to write an intro post on OAA soon & I apologize in advance for my newness to all things WordPress!)

  3. Thank you so very, very much for the recommendation and shout out. I am grateful and flattered as all heck. I’d love for you to consider writing a guest post for me as well, if you’re up to it (and can fit it into your schedule). Shoot me an email if you’re interested (awrighton@awrighton.com). If not, no worries, I still <3 your blog and I'm going to add it to my blog roll shortly.

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