All the Plans

So this blog post is going to be 100% me, me, me. If you were looking for my writing tips, I’ll be back on that soon enough, but right now I need to take a minute to be a little self-centered.

Today, as the title of this post suggests, I made plans. Some of them were about my imminent launch party, and some of them had to do with my future college life. Let’s take a look at that first thing since it’s coming up much, much sooner.

Now I’ve never really organized a party before. My high school graduation party doesn’t count because for the most part that was done for me. This time, though, I had to come up with my own potential guest list, choose a date and time, and a location. Now, since I live in a small town with few potential venues and most of my potential guests conveniently live an hour’s drive a way, this was harder than it sounded.

It took me a while to realize that I had to just start with the things I wanted to do and work from there. I wanted to get a portion of a certain 25 or so people to come, and I wanted to do it the evening of my book launch. Fair enough. Except that the one venue that I could possibly do something at closes at 7 during the week, and many of my guests work until 6. I eventually had to move it to that Sunday afternoon. This doesn’t even count physically setting up, but it’s a great relief to have that much done, and to be assured that my location will actually work.

So now college. Well, since I had decided that I’m going to try and get a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing, today I found out just what I’d have to do for that. It looks like I’ll have to go through three “tiers” of college to accomplish that: first I have to finish up my Associate’s in English here at the community college; then I’ll go to a slightly bigger university to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts. Only when I’ve done that will I be ready to search out a high-level school and finish it off. It looks like I’ll be learning for several more years. Actually, that’s awesome.

Alright. For those of you who have stuck around long enough to read all of this, you can let out a sigh of relief: all the “so this is what’s going on in my life” stuff is done with for now. Unless you really want to know a lot more about me, in which case feel free to get in touch.


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