Review: Promo 3.0

Promo 3.0Title: Promo 3.0

Subtitle: Why Creatives are Failing at Promoting their Art, and How to Attract Buyers and Fans in a Modern World

Author: Alex Mathers

Type: Nonfiction

Release: November 8, 2012

Publisher: Red Lemon Club Press


Promo 3.0 is unique among the books that I’ve reviewed so far. It’s not just a book for authors–it covers all art forms and anything that can be marketed. Does that mean it’s not specific enough to cover our needs? Nope! The book is very short and touches on everything briefly, but in that time it manages to give a whole new outlook on promoting your work. Suddenly, instead of groaning over how to advertise things, all you have to do is make friends. Scary for some of us, but probably still more fun than what we’ve been doing.



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