A New Beginning

Phil N. SchipperHello, everyone! Thanks for coming by my brand-new WordPress blog.

My name is Phil N. Schipper, and I write books. Strange books. They tend to walk the line between science fiction and fantasy, logic and insanity, comedy and horror. There’s something beautiful about a skeleton getting up and walking, and then spewing out the strangest things you ever heard a man say while he tries to clone someone. Yes, that’s an actual character in my series, and although it may seem ridiculous, I’ve learned to build a world where strange things like him fit.

That’s not what this blog is about, though. Well, it is sometimes, but I like to talk more about the general experience of being an author, and my own journey through that life. If coming out with a novel here and there is part of that, then you’ll hear about it, of course, but I prefer to offer readers much more valuable information. It should parallel the other WordPress blog I run, Obscure Authors Alliance, but that’s a community blog, and I want a place where I can be a bit less formal and a little more self-centered. (Not ashamed to admit that bit about myself.)

So, why should you take me seriously at all as a writer? Well, for starters, I write a lot. For the last 5 years and counting, I’ve cleared National Novel Writing Month, though not without being challenged by it. But that doesn’t mean I’m just a reckless first-draft writer–I not only go through my own work again and again, but I often work with other authors and edit their manuscripts. Also, I self-published my first novel almost a year ago, and then made the tough decision to take it off the market and perfect it all over again. It’ll be coming out again soon, and that’s where things will really begin.

But enough about me.  Let’s get to the real point of this blog, which is for me to talk about the things that I am learning each day as a writer and as an author. My goal here is to pass it on to you, and because I read a ton of nonfiction and other blogs, I hope that there’s a lot to pass on. I focus on everything from planning a plot to marketing. Every book that I read, whether fiction or nonfiction, is likely to get a review on this site somewhere, so it’s a great general place to find some resources.

To get started filling Ephix Books with content, I want to start by adding some of the content from my old blog on Blogger. It ran for about two years and had about a hundred posts, but only a few of them are probably worth bringing over. Soon enough, I’ll have the ones I’ve chosen posted in the archives section of the site. After that, you can look forward to new content.

Readers, I’d like to meet you, too! Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments. I’ll certainly reply and check out your blogs as well, because I love discovering new people and making friends.


2 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. It makes sense that you’d move from Blogger to pretty much anything else. The place is terrible, isn’t it? I need to move sometime too.
    Maybe when I actually start posting more than once a never.

    • It’s not even that Blogger is terrible. It’s a good place to start, really–very easy to use. But if you learn how to use WordPress, it can offer a lot more possibilities. I got some good training!

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